Dating someone who lives with their parents, i live with my parents will you still date me

The 7 sad truths of dating someone who lives with his parents

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Its pretty normal with eastern society. Because in those cases you're either happy where you are and still going somewhere in life. Some special conditions can apply, perhaps he wants to take care of his elderly parent or maybe he is pursuing higher education and trying to save money I don't know it all depends on the situation. But definitely not on the first date.

I Live With My Parents Will You Still Date Me

13 Things You Should Know Before Dating Someone Who Lives at Home
It s not that bad

Where I live that is also part of the culture. In some eastern cultures, hydraulic line respect for your elders mean sticking with them and taking care of them. Depends entirely on the situation. He works and help with rent and bills. Most people that move out for college end up having a harder time then they expected.

The 7 sad truths of dating someone who lives with his parents SheKnows

Seeing as my dad came home mid-coitus and I had to hide him in my closet for several hours last week, I would say yes, living with your parents is a dealbreaker. My culture is similar to yours. It's time to check my credit so I can take out a mortgage! But if they are too comfortable with their parents do not get yourself emotionally attached to them and definitely do not marry them. Not for the reasons you gave me.

Status Not open for further replies. Extremely different in the west and it makes sense that you would not move away in your situation. If they're hot then who cares. It depends why they are living with their parents. Depends on the reasons, free dating programs but not necessarily.

Sort Girls First Guys First. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. As long as the person has a job, for it's ok. You should already be working towards Financial stability and Independence.

Everyone lives with their parents before marriage here, boys live after marriage too. Maybe some people associate living with parents with being jobless. Yes, considering I still live with mine. In fact, dating in your fifties some people stay with their parent s because they are the caretaker e. We value extended family connection and we are expected to care for the parents in their old age.

13 Things You Should Know Before Dating Someone Who Lives at Home

These days I would assume no because everyone is broke as fuck. It's in tv shows and movies where the guy finally leaves the nest to make their mark on the world. Bills suck, but that's life. Depends if that person is Matthew Mcconaughey or not Wouldn't having a girlfriend be the main reason you don't date? We moved in together about a year later.

Not saying I don't want to move out because I definitely do, but it's not easy where I'm at. Ultimately, it is culturally relative and most of the time, it's not necessarily good nor necessarily bad. If it's only at the beginning and they already walking towards Financial stability fine. So I don't count that against them. In my culture is fairly common to live with parents until we get married or move out with a partner.

Select as Most Helpful Opinion? That means living with them as they grow older. So it's not like he isn't working or not helping out.

Would you date someone that still lives with their parents - GirlsAskGuys

Is Dating Someone Who Lives With Their Parents A Dealbreaker

My boyfriend loved with his mom when we first started dating. That can be a sticking point in dating, especially if you plan on dating people immersed in western culture and norms. Well dating i can condone it, to give me enough chance to win them over.

  1. And it's too comfortable with his parents and don't want to leave.
  2. At the person is going to be living at home, they better not be lazy.
  3. Personally, I've been there, and I think in that case it is admirable.
  4. Do only emotionally stunted people still live with their parents?
  5. Anyway, I prefer girls who don't do it, despite most of them are girls who prefer to live in a different city than their parents.
  6. For me personally, it's not a deal breaker, but the perception that it isn't a bad thing doesn't convince a lot of people.

There are a lot of pretty valid reasons about why someone would still live with their parents. Would you date someone that still lives with their parents? As far as if I would date someone currently who lives with their parents, that's an absolute no. My close friend is now getting out of a marriage with somebody who lives with his parents, don't have anything, and even when he did he keeps hopping from job to job because he don't like it.

If I lived at home too though then I think it would be awkward. Yeah, as long as we could still have sex at my place. There were other things involved I'm sure, but one of the points was that they were still living with their parents. Is that a dealbreaker when looking for a potential mate?

But if its because he's doing intense studies to become a dentist or doctor sure i will date it. To me your improving yourself but still doing basic house keeping. As far as a man's concerned. Depends entirely on the why.

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Would you date someone that still lives with their parents

  • Um yes in Asia most people still live with parents.
  • It doesn't bother me at all.
  • If one is particularly older than the other, that might be awkward.

It's entirely likely many people will have to live with their parents for a while, through no fault of their own, because the job market is just that awful. Family's interference in relationship is just a no-no for me. Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion. My boyfriend chose to live with his mother to support her. He had enough money to live on his own so that is what we did.

15 Reasons To Date Someone Who Lives With Their Parents

Is Dating Someone Who Lives With Their Parents A Dealbreaker

Come join us and add your take to the daily discourse. That's too old to be living at home. If there's no motivation to move on and establish a life on their own, completely depending on their parents for everything, then definitely a deal breaker.

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