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Is level sense dis- abled? Printer Electronics The Temperature Sensors Thermistors have a known value of resistance whose value varies with temperature. However, unplanned indirect costs low reliability renders the printer to be a complete failure. Rotate the Drum Assembly to verify that the Drum rotates freely. Network Problems Ethernet Port is functional.

Using a lower grade paper results in inaccu- Purge Efficiency rate measurements. This is a serious printer, and needs a good volume of printing for best health. Ver- ify that the Electronics Module is plugged in.

Xerox Global Print Driver. As far as I know even Xerox now turns away from this mutant beast and throws out the whole ColorQube product family. How many users the utility has helped to install the latest drivers? Check that correct driver setting and color correction setting are correct. Drivers Update Tool Information.

Les Use only Xerox materials and components. We have our previous XeroxColorcube prior to this and our savings with ink purchases was staggering.

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When I set the printer to stay in Ready mode, however, it still insisted on dropping into Standby mode. If the correct fault code is displayed, continue with the next steps of the procedure. Verify that there is nothing interfering with X-Axis motion. Attach the printer covers. Verify and correct for the wrong color, brand or indicating ink Circle one model of ink loaded in the Ink Loader.

On power-up, when the Xerox splash screen displays, press and release the Up Arrow button, traveler su 1071 driver then press the Down Arrow button. CherylO-Xerox Community Manager.

Check the Drum Fan for operational. That seems to have fixed it. This tool allows system administrators to automatically track printer usage and obtain job accounting records. Connect this cable to the Electronics Module.

At startup, four oiling cycles are performed to condition the Drum. Complete this checklist as part of the Printhead replacement process.

Xerox ColorQube 8870DN Solid Ink Printer

This method does not provide access to all test functions. Tighten the Head Maintenance Gear. Jam History can only be accessed from Customer mode. Sales rep Michael Murnane was very cool dude, I loved the fact he knew his product well, he was smart and followed up strong to make sure I was happy, I'd buy again from him.

Save the trace as a file, if necessary. This print is used by Manufacturing and Engineering. Re-insert the stick in question.

After one revolution of the Tilt Gear, the latching mechanism is pulled back into position by the Head Tilt Solenoid. Noise Troubleshooting Simplex in Enhanced mode. Inspect the Cone-nut on the X-Axis Motor lead screw shaft. Examine the trace to troubleshoot the problem. Tightening the screws individually before seating all three can put undue strain on the mounting bosses.

Memory should be installed in the primary socket before installing in the secondary socket. Is there any ink hanging from the bottom of the Ink Loader that is not on the metal heater? The measurement should be about ohms at room temperature. What percent of users has not helped this article?

Xerox colorqube 8870dn ps driver

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Partners Become a partner. The Temperature Sensors are used primarily in the Drum, Preheater, and Printhead for temperature sensing.


Check the Transfix Load Arms for damage. When we decided for this multi-function printer, the sweet-point was printing with reduced cost. Be sue to tighten the six screws to secure the Media Drive Assembly. This printer is amazingly unreliable. Printer ink smells rather bad and printer is extremely noisy.

This is for manufacturing or engineering use only. The Preheater should alternate between open and closed position. The printer should be installed on a flat, level surface. Metal refers to metal, fine-threaded screws used to secure parts onto metal.

This firmware was already installed out-the-box, but I re-installed it nevertheless. For the following step, be sure to keep the C-Clip attach to the shaft. Reseat the wiring harnesses. Test Prints To access the Test Print menu, open compliant. Disconnect the harnesses to isolate, if necessary.

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The control software of the instrument is over-complicated with plenty of bugs and annoyments. Fast, responsive, power savings, wakes up easily and prints very fast.

Web-based Print Driver Installer. Some updates may cause the machine to become non-compliant and cease to work as intended with the environment in which it is installed.