Whatsapp profile picture not updating, dialog-heading

Kindly help me with the answer. Hi Vaishu, we will help you in this, just need few more insights which handset ur using i. Support Batch Conversion Convert multiple flip video files at one time, once dating app reddit making your conversion much easier.

Dont knw what is going on. Will surely try to troubleshoot it for u. Help me with the answer for this? Will be back later to read some more. It is offensive or harmful.

Download Nulled WordPress Themes. If it still having same issue let me know. In this case, any Whatapp user can block a contact as long as they have their phone number. They recently blocked many contacts for their random spam audits.

But all the contacts are there in my phone. Hi Arun I understand your problem as you are going to Uninstall it, free black dating sites you can take backup of all your existing data. Its our pleasure that your concern get solved! This propagates to everyone else who refreshes their address book for any reason.

Whatsapp profile picture not updating

Whatsaap Profile Picture Not Showing Why

If you find difference in yours phone and other phone. My number is saved in theirs phonebook and their number is saved in mine. How can back them up before even I delete and redownload it.

One of the main issues that arises with WhatsApp are problems with profile pictures. This is one of the most common reasons why some Whatsapp profile photos disappear. How to know if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp?

Whatsapp profile picture not updating

Recently satarted happening in my phone too. Which is totally in favor of human psychology. We unable to conclude whether that person saved your number or not. Hi, I am not able to see any profile picture of any of my contacts. Let me know if you need any more support from my side.

  1. We can take TeamViewer access if you are willing to troubleshoot it from my end.
  2. There is a temporary network issue.
  3. Hey, please rename your contact name in counter persons phone and u also rename his contact in your number.

Whatsapp is not updating my profile picture on iphone? Is your WhatsApp profile picture not updating? Let me know time and date. Hi Nithin can you please explain your issue in more details.

This is a recurring problem. What you can do, reinstall blue stack and WhatsApp this will help you. Which handset you are using?

And i am sure others also want it to be this way. In order to fix this problem, you need to modify your WhatsApp settings, restoring your preferences when it comes to who can see your display picture on WhatsApp. Useful trick for watsapp users. Am facing this same issue, can you tell me what to do? Please provide your inputs.

Whatsapp profile picture not updating

Why WhatsApp not showing DP - Profile Picture of few Contacts

Hi Karthik, first u have to verify if that person really changed their profile settings, If yes then check what is their setting? In the past the application was showing contact pictures from Google account Google contacts and this has stopped with one of the latest updates. Add Your Answer Whatsapp is not updating my profile picture on iphone?

WhatsApp profile picture not showing why

Whatsapp profile picture not updating

WhatsApp profile picture blurry

Then, you ask John to add Jim on his phone. This is applicable in WhatsApp groups also. However, this also makes it one of the social applications that can raise the most doubts when it comes to using it. Free Download WordPress Themes.

All other contacts are able to see my dp and last seen but only that contact is not able see my dp and last seen and i am also unable to see their dp and last seen. Please do watch the following video to fix this issue. And then the profile picture will be shown again.

  • Hey Shashank, please do check whether your database size on phone exceeded or not.
  • Honestly I think this should have come in lot earlier!
  • This bug or maybe a test has been fixed since yesterday midnight due to complains from people I guess.
  • All the pictures will show again.

WhatsApp Profile Picture Not Showing

If you have any contacts in your phone who don't know you i. It may seen in list, dating a but once u try open it will disappear. In this last section the phone numbers which you may have blocked will appear. Let me know if you have further queries. Community Experts online right now.

John doesn't have Jim on his phone and vice-versa. Can somebody check my findings? They do not have a profile photo set.

Yes now I can know if that person have my contact saved or not. Does your WatsApp profile picture look pixelated? Please check and try again.


Whatsapp profile picture not updating

This is especially relevant when choosing whether or not you want your WhatsApp profile picture to be visible to others or yourself. WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in the world. This will work as we already solved this issue of many of our readers. If not work for you follow the next method. You will get all those on your whatsapp.

Whatsapp profile picture not updating

Is your WhatsApp profile photo blurred? Whatsapp friends profile image not showing Ask Question. Though I can see it in the list and even his last seen. Salesforce bought Tableau.

Let me know if you need more help. They have saved my contact no and i also saved their contact no. Hi I suggest you to update your whatsapp version to latest, you will find link at beginning of article. Then open whatsapp and now it will ask u to restore backup during installation.

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