Updating an iphone 3g, ios 4 updating woes with iphone 3g

  1. After the new unlock tool came out I had many thoughts about it, the Dev Team made a big mess.
  2. Then it would seem you are one of the lucky minority.
  3. They loathe jailbreakers, and love to see them squirm.

Think about the hardware capabilities and price range Think about it. Same, though I didn't buy mine, I was given it when the previous user upgraded. See my reply to Josh below, think it will help you. All replies Drop Down menu.

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Personally, I blame Apple over the dev-team. Complain all you want when you Pay for something, this is free and no one is forcing you to use it, or get use to it or dont do it, that simple. The dev-team screwed us bigtime. Only old bootrom is untethered, new is tethered and not worth the hassle.

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The problem was to downgrade it with Itunes. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. For example you want to get candy crush but you couldnt get it last time you tried. Alternatively, it is said to provide hours of standby time. After a certain time the iphone restarts and nothing happens actually.

Dunno why i did a restore and im stuck with recovery till yesterday. You can only use custom firmware which are not always easy to find, and need to modify itunes to use shsh server not apple to be able to install firmy. The outlook for a fix any time soon, anyway is bleak.

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  • It can also be used to synchronize the device with a computer and to connect various accessories.
  • If I have a drain I will go with the new modules.

Would really Like some feedback as I am pretty confused by it all. An ambient light sensor was included to adjust the display brightness for different lighting conditions, which helps save battery power. The scratch-resistant glass sits on top of the display. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.

The device featured the same sensors as its predecessor. It was easy and without any problrms. This is an extremely risky unlock that has a lot of unforseen consequences associated with it. Good spot, I just noticed the same problem.

Iger Andrea Jung Ronald D. Go to youtube and look for the video on how to convert Zip to ipsw. Try it out, singles christian and let us know if it worked for you.

IOS 4 Updating woes with iPhone 3G
Update your iPhone iPad or iPod touch

How to update the software on my Apple iPhone 3GS wirelessly

If true, horoscope match this is really bad! More information about text formats. List Anobit AuthenTec Inc.

Learn to read around a subject before posting your opinion. No need to be bias when comparing phone models. Not sure how to get rid of that. That's happened to me too, qld dating free what are we supposed to do as I don't understand what they are saying? What if its a website and not an app?

Hit Yes if you want to update baseband to unlock iPhone. This article is about the second generation iPhone. Main menu iphonefaq news faq guides tips search about contact. Can I just run redsnow and install only cydia or I need to do the whole thing again?

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All over the web I hear nothing than complain about this tool but one thing is very bother me that no one of my friends has been to success in this method. If I have no Battery Drain I probably will not bother with it. Are they that benevolent and kind? You do have a good point and right about the two types of phones, but going ahead and investing in an Android phone will take you farther than Apple will even negin to touch.

Please help as i am without a phone for the time being. But i have a working phone! Jail breaking and unlocking a device I own is just bullshit.

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IOS 4 Updating woes with iPhone 3G

Unlock iPhone 3Gs/3G

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Problem solved, albeit an expensive lesson. If I knew all the possible fuck-ups this baseband update could cause, I would never have attempted it in the first place. So thats why I ask to see where the problem is. It'll be the last apple device I buy.

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You have a lot more freedom with Android. It should be unlocked as soon as baseband is updated, so far, no battery issues. People need to know how shit this unlock is! From Wikipedia, online dating after 60 the free encyclopedia. It seems to be a relatively uncommon side-effect of the unlock.

However, it does provide access to a unified mailbox feature, homescreen folders to better organize apps, playlist creation, and other enhancements. Identifying iPhone models. You need to start your own topic with your issue which is different from the issue in this thread. Android is by far a helluva lot better than apple by a looooong shot. When you have your phone looping the startup, you should do the next.

How To Update To iOS4 on iPhone 3GS 3G and iPod Touch

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This article is part of a series on the. Ok I screwed up, I followed the instructions but when I went to launch the cydia app it would not work. You can search Youtube to see how to do it. You can help by adding to it. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

However, the phone had access to a decreasing proportion of new features with each update as its hardware became superseded by later models. Still have problem with when I end phone call a voicemal box pops up saying incorrect password for voice mail. Meanwhile I can't use Craigslist. They should have at least tested this better before it was released. These rookies messed up bigtime with this release.

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They really hate jailbreakers, and despite it being perfectly legal, seem to go out of their way to make it as awkward as possible. Buttons were changed from plastic to metal, and the edges of the phone were tapered, providing a better grip. Dev Team should warn people about this risk in their blog! The problem is when redsnow starts working.

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All is working out well for me I have nothing to complain. However batter life was always poor to begin with. The problem is that I did not get cydia installed. My only problem was high battery drain so I did a reset and it was the same so I did full reset including data and that bricked it.

And yes I totally agree with bernek, after waiting for the unlock for so long, we do have the right to be kinda pissed off if the phone gets messed up by this. It is exactly the same as before. Try it and good luck people.

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