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Business Financing Available. The unique clamp holds the post securely with minimal damage to the tops, it also allows post extraction for old posts or repositioning. We have had posts with paper stapled to the tops of them that a person could still read the paper, it hardly had a mark on it. The E is by far our best seller and can be found working in such diverse locations such as fencing the oilfields of North Dakota to solar fields in Japan. Another finding from the study was the need for control over the post to stop it from moving in all directions except downwards into the ground.

It really works, and works hard for you. Now I just drive up to a post and place the cup over it.

Is there rust on the leading edge of the roof and just under the rubber seal? To run this machine is to feel the power. You can also earn rewards! The S has many applications from agricultural vineyards to construction motorway crash barrierare just some examples. This is a picture from the top, all we really did to this was weld the bracket on the vibrator so it would fit on our tractor and we welded the hammer part under the vibrator.


The cup can be replaced by a variety of bolt-on attachments, including a T bar attachment, weights, carrying basket, and wood splitter. These units were used by excavator operators for years to pound posts, so guess what Eterra did?

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As you will notice, the top is not mangled. You should know a lot about the competition as well. The Trusted Equipment Source.

Our range posy sizes ensures optimum fit. Has the windshield ever been replaced? Whether you own a farm, a ranch or just some property, this post pounder is extremely handy for many occasions!

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This unit is an ideal companion for installing short runs, restricted access and quick repairs. The hydraulic hammer we use has only two moving parts and a single grease fitting for easy lubrication. This is what the post looked like when we had it in the ground. Body kits, spoilers, lights, and anything on the exterior of the vehicle. Operating heavy machinery always has its risks.

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For long posts the vibrating head extends mm above the maximum bucket pin height. Eterra Tremor Vibratory Post Pounder.

Easy to Maintain A truly low-maintenance product, our driver allows for fast and simple disconnection and reconnection. You can't go wrong with these pounders.

This popular post driver attachment is lbs of solid high alloy strength steel. The E post driver needs a minimum of kg weight class excavator and offers the capability to drive metal, driver for hp c6380 wood vibratlry plastic posts. If the post is stubborn we can put some down pressure onto it and it will go in. Our post driver works by utilizing a nitrogen gas back-head as the viibratory source to lift a piston directly into the vibeatory using the hydraulic oil from the loader hydraulics. Eterra has expertise in post drivers.

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Order the Issue Containing This Story. News, attachments and more! It's glued in and if the installer let the shield slip down as the glue dried than it left a small gap above the upper edge of the glass. Hopefully it's just plugged up drain lines.

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