Mcgill dating scene, replies to mcgill dating scene

It's one of those campus life quirks that I find funny. Anglophones and Francophones do mix a lot these days, particularly at work and in the community. Attitudes on drugs are pretty lax too. That's a bit of a tough one to answer in a nutshell. The deux solitudes I mentioned above doesn't really exist anymore, I should note.

Just a note about drinking. All I can speak for so far is the Mus. For example, McGill has the Musee Redpath right on campus.

Mcgill dating scene

Although not all of them are constantly rocking McGill swag while actually on campus, they'll definitely pull out the red and white once they venture out of Montreal. Outside of Frosh Week, in my experience, there doesn't really seem to be a drinking culture at McGill. Being able to release the stress of exams right in the heart of your campus, while enjoying cheap beer and live music, is any student's definition of heaven. At this point I need an answer key, honestly.

McGill scene

McGill dudes no doubt love to show off their campus, and Redpath is one of the main pinnacles of a campus tour. As to non-drinking stuff during Frosh Week, they have a bunch of stuff! Now that I've learned most of the McGill slang, I'm used to this, but my God did it annoy me in the beginning.

  1. Basically, it's Blues Pub or die when you're dating a McGill man.
  2. If there's anything I've learned from dating a McGill guy and visiting the campus for the last four years, it's that McGill students are fiercely proud and loyal to their University.
  3. The English-French thing is not as bad as it's made out to be unless you run into a militant separatist.
Mcgill dating scene
  • Any generalizations about the McGill dating scene?
  • Although I didn't attend McGill, my boyfriend does, and since we've been together for the duration of University, I've definitely seen some of the typical stereotypes seep into his everyday life.
  • Yes, there is some resentment in the community against McGill.

Still, expect to have to decode some new language if you're newly dating a McGill student. But really, I understand - I was the same when it came to Queen's. Quebec has a very good film industry.

McGill dating scene
10 Struggles Of Dating A Guy Who Goes To McGill University

10 Struggles Of Dating A Guy Who Goes To McGill University - MTL Blog

Since there are tons of great bars not too far from McGill, it only makes sense that you and your man will likely grab drinks there. One of the many random things I don't really get, but more power to you, samosa-loving McGill students. McGill was a particular target of this anger amongst Francophones because it was and is one of Canada's best Universities, yet for the most part, was not very open to Francophones. If you're dating a McGill guy, chances are he's either brought you here, or has mentioned it a bunch of times. If you're newly dating a McGill man, he might take you here to impress you, and honestly, it will work - so enjoy.

McGill dating scene College Confidential

He definitely loves to embarrass me, so I'm sure that's part of why he does this, but I know it's mainly because of his enduring McGill pride. Recent Activity Chance me McGill.

This was compounded by the problem of the deux solitudes. Honestly, these things are a mystery to me. Are there non-drinking-related activities during Frosh Week? As my boyfriend finishes up his undergrad, dating I think I've gotten pretty good at identifying the intricacies of McGill campus life.

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The worst part was, my boyfriend was used to it at that point, so I just had to suck it up and pant my way through all the goddamn uphill treks that the campus necessitates. Maybe it's just another aspect of strong campus pride, but my boyfriend would seemingly forget that I didn't know what he was talking about when he referred to places on campus. Do francophones and anglophones mix in general? Both are great in moderation, but I wouldn't want to do either every night of every weekend.

Mcgill dating scene
Mcgill dating scene

Replies to McGill scene

It's hard to describe, just do it yourself and enjoy the debauchery of living in one of North America's true Sin Cities the other being Miami. They know how to have fun, work hard, and enjoy life - with him, there will rarely be a dull moment unless he drags you to McLennan. Before about the mid- to lates, Quebec was a very different society than it was today. My boyfriend has never had a hesitation wearing his red McGill sweater when visiting Queen's, whose colours are gold, red, and blue, so trust me, he stands out. However, odds of dating there are still some linguistic divisions lingering around.

This also seems to be another source of pride on campus, at least according to my boyfriend. Most Francophones were limited to working in the factories and other such labour. It's pretty cool that there's a museum right in the heart of campus, and Redpath is an awesome place to check out. Otherwise, it'll be considered a serious adventure. You don't have to be in engineering to attend, however, so tons of students cram down there every Friday afternoon to enjoy the glory of cheap beer.

McGill scene College Confidential

Hell, I was once caught with a blunt in my hand by a cop, offered him some and he laughed it off and told me to take it easy. And chances are, your McGill guy will recount the glory of it to you as well. McGill's Frosh week is legendary, you get stories every year. February edited February in McGill University. So ladies, if you find yourself a good Redman, dating someone 8 years older just know he's proud through and through.

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If you're a McGill student, you know what I'm talking about. Glitches in Canada Immigration site. While it might be a pain sometimes, just know that despite all the quirks and humorous annoyances, McGill guys really are the best.

Mcgill dating scene

My only complaint is that no one could answer my questions about the Faculty of Education. The one benefit is that the more you visit your McGill guy, the stronger your thigh muscles will hopefully get, and eventually you'll be able to keep up with him. The McGill pride is real, friends. We get it, cyprus dating McGill is better because of these mystical samosas. The Anglophone community in Quebec was very much isolated from the Francophone majority.

The Redmen are a breed of their own

This is probably better left for someone who is actually there right now. And honestly, I get it - students often like to stay in their campus bubble, because that's where they live, work, study and, most importantly, party. Despite having a Francophone majority, society was dominated by an Anglophone elite, who held nearly all of the positions in business and commerce.

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