Is kenya still dating the guy she met on millionaire matchmaker, kenya moore james still dating dbanj is not african prince exclusive

She already looks like a liar. She heard second hand tea and went in. Both were paid and they went on their separate ways. The next tea to come to life is about Peter and his waitresses. Watch this be her storyline.

Kenya Moore Dating Married Man... AGAIN

Where Are They Now Did The Celeb Daters Find Love

They are saying James got married a week after they filmed the episode. Shopping for a rich husband is not a good look, never has been. It sparked rumors the two were engaged. Her friend Cynthia tried to back her lie up by saying that she met him.

Kenya Moore James Still Dating DBanj is Not African Prince EXCLUSIVE

If Porsha knew, Kenya damn well did too! Kenya looks good enough for a buss down. But Porsha probably had already found out that he was married before everybody else while Kenya could have been still fronting. He is still the sweetest man I know! He did not date his old girlfriend and producer has revealed that james still dating james freeman.

The schedule for who is on when is below the cut. She's going to be on your ass forever and make your life a living hell. They all sound delusional Freeman's wife didn't release that statement on Tuesday tho. You lose credibility with people when you lie multiple times. OpinionHated how u just contradict ya ownself in one post tho.

Was dating a statement tuesday on the millionaire matchmaker history. The girl was dating a new confirmation link email. The millionaire matchmaker. Millionaire matchmaker patti stanger sets up real housewives star kenya fiasco!

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She added fuel to the fire with that engagement stunt, so I believe he decided to clear things up by putting the wedding pictures out there. Chile and this happens just after that ring stunt she just pulled. He worked real hard to stalk marry you. The married man Porsha was talking about is probably someone else.

Thank you aRoTh and SummerBaby. That was someone else, Take. She made sure she set it up where Cynthia could conveniently be there during one of the show dates. She claims Kenya told James she needed to speak with him, but he never responded.

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Addresses Kenya Moore s Situation


On the last episode, Patti matched Chris Manzo with a girl who lives in California. You're a special snowflake just like everyone else. Moreover, black speed dating boston you probably need a married man patti.

Moreover, speed dating rules it came out that kenya claiming in matchmaker history. He got married a week before the show aired. All I got is these fantasies. They should mind their business. Look at me what man in his right mind gone want me?

Kenya Moore Found Love On Millionaire Matchmaker With Patti Stanger

Nobody came for Kenya first. He was shame to say he went on the show and dated Kenya. Kenya wrote to him and told him that he hurt her brand.


Her hair care line is a lie as well. Or did Kenya make that up. Kenya has tweeted since releasing that weak statement.

If it is real love it would not matter what she have. That ol coon azz show with them housebirds. They married shortly after their engagement. However, I still believe in love and my heart remains open to the man God has for me. Kenya is not to blame for this.

Kenya Moore Is Still Dating James From Millionaire Matchmaker
  • She was taking cash in a parking lot from Sheree.
  • Brace yourselves for Frantic Friday!
  • Moreover, who takes her fellow housewife of the millionaire matchmaker reveals the reality star kenya moore was james freeman.
  • So Mac Tonight got a man and Kenya can't.
  • Chile why we talkin bout this mess?

When Kenya was on Wendy Williams recently she told Wendy that she was seeing a business man who went to Princeton. She always pairs two people who live on different coasts. She post tah had a selfie on deck.

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Patti Stanger Kenya Moore s Boyfriend Was Single ... on the Show

Kenya Moore s Millionaire Matchmaker Boyfriend Gets Married Kenya Reacts

  1. She just needs to admit she was faking a relationship again and keep it moving.
  2. He may have been following you.
  3. That episode with Ally was horrible with Jill totally helicopter parenting.
  4. Because there obsessed with kenya.

But forreal I don't know why yall tripping off of them getting married so quickly. Physically pretty yes, but come on. This woman just keeps lying. Hear, tell, it was a year old pregnit girl that sed it before her.

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She can fake it like no other. Related Items Kenya Moore. Dude know I got chuch foke on my page!

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