Ignition switch hook up, how to wire a johnson ignition switch

Install a blue butt connector onto each of the wire ends and crimp them with the crimping tool. Disconnect both cables from your boat's battery before beginning the work. Determine the location for the kill switch. Go ahead and show it off, thats what you did it for, right?

Step 1 Gather Materials

How to Wire an Ignition Switch

Just a caution, this step, more than any others so far, has a potential for really messing up your car. Run two gauge wires from the fuse wire that was just cut, through the firewall to the ignition kill switch. It should take between one and two hours, depending on how fast you can take apart your dashboard, but could take considerably longer.

Awesome Push Button Ignition

  1. Now we will solder together the chain of switches and wires and buttons and relays to make this all work.
  2. Items you will need Drill Drill bits On-and-off toggle switch Roll of gauge wire Box of assorted electrical terminals Wire crimper Ratchet Set of sockets.
  3. Did you make this project?
  4. Here's a fun project that I did to my very first car.
  5. How to Wire a Boat Tachometer.

Your Adventure Awaits

Loosen the terminal nut and slide the spade connector of the yellow and purple wire under the nut until it stops. Rewire the ignition wires to the switches. Whichever switch is chosen, it should have a amp rating.

Push the kill switch through the hole drilled for the switch. Be sure to post a picture here so we all can see it. If it is not there, look in the fuse block under the driver's side of the dash. Install the two wires in any order onto the back of the kill switch. Should use an automotive relay as well.

It Still Runs

The switch can be mounted virtually anywhere there is a solid mounting, but it should be inconspicuous. Tip Pull the wiring harness up through the hole in your dash before you mount the ignition switch in your dashboard. Geode Painted UpCycled Chairs.

Strip the insulation off the two wires leading to the kill switch. He is also a certified marine technician and the author of a popular text on writing local history. You could also buy an adapter for your fuse box and run the wire from a fuse that's only on when key is on. There are many relays in your car. Reconnect the battery cables.

You will have to find a wiring diagram for your car to know what wires do what. Give yourself plenty of room to attach the wires. Fold the wire to double its size and cut it at the fold with a crimping tool.

Crimp the butt connector and do the same with the second wire, attaching it to the other wire. The main power fuse for the computer should be in the fuse and relay box under the hood on the driver's side fender well. How to Wire a Boat's Ignition Switch. With the fuse located and the fuse block loose, place your finger on the fuse and locate the wires leading into the fuse from the rear of the fuse block. It's easy, as I have done all of the puzzling and figuring for you.

Connect one of the wires to the length of wire coming out of the fuse with a blue butt connector. If you have some of these it will be cheaper. If you have wired everything all correctly you will start the engine.

Hooking up accessories through the ignition switch

How to Install an Easy Ignition Kill Switch

Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects. The solution this puzzle is as easy as looking at the face of a clock. Connect the switch end of the wires with blue post-type connectors to the switch.

You can drill holes in the dash and put the button and switch through there, or you can hide it under the dash. Always make a solid connection, when installing a kill switch, to avoid any inadvertent engine cutoffs. Drill a hole for the kill switch in the location you have predetermined. If one of thoes wires breaks loose. Strip the insulation off both these wire ends.

Then the push button will work as your starter! Warning When you're working on your motor, disconnect the battery cable from the negative post of the battery by removing the nut from the battery post and lifting the cable from the post. Either way, so are we this is a small price to pay for such a cool feature. Crimp connecters have plenty of give. Photo Credits key image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.

How to Wire a Johnson Ignition Switch

Drill a hole for the kill switch to prepare it for mounting. Run a wire from the negative terminal on the coil through the firewall to the kill switch. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Now that your parts and wires are all wired in its time to test it. Do the same for the other end of the wire that was cut.

This is by far the easiest step. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, best matchmaking service toronto contact us. Loosen the nut and slip the spade connector of the solid purple wire beneath it. Cut these wires and strip the end enough that you can solder it or splice it well. About the Author Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects.

Strip the insulation off the coil end of the wires. It seems like you have a fith terminal though but Its hard to tell. Maybe this would help because it wouldn't be drawing a current all the time. Slide the spade connector of the black and yellow wire under the nut until the connector is fully engaged. As the wires bounce the solder cracks and loosens.

Hooking up accessories through the ignition switch

Early model vehicles require that the circuit to the coil be opened to kill the ignition. They just have stronger coils. Insert the coil end of the black negative wire into the butt connector on one of the wires leading to the switch. When you look at the back of the ignition switch, you see six terminals, five of them around the outside of the back of the switch and one in the center.

Once you get to this bundle of wires you will need to cut the Ignition Wire and the Starter wire, so also disconnect the battery first. An ignition kill switch should be hidden or key-operated. Solder the wire ends to the Ignition wire or the starter wire as indicated.

Install a blue round post connector on both wires and crimp them tightly. Items you will need Small adjustable wrench. Hall Can you please post a schetmatic for this project. Many circuits on late model computerized vehicles can be utilized.

Step 2 Open Up the Dash
  • The relay has a higher tollerance than the switch.
  • Crimp it tightly with the crimping tool.
  • You should use solderless crimp connections in any auto application.
How to Wire an Ignition Switch
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