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He denied the rumors that they were dating. Yep, horribly dysfunctional all right. What's wrong with these fans and japan's infamous entertainment industry? The Oscar-winning actress is engaged to her art dealer boyfriend, birthday gift confirmed People magazine on Feb.

To even imply that it's middle-aged men means you've been drinking the media Kool-aid like everyone else who has never attended an idol concert, or been to an idol handshake event. Ryan dated Bar Candy owner Erica Lancellotti for about a year. How much do these girls get paid to put up with these sub-humane conditions? You have been my ally, my confidant, my love. Korean actors were snapped quad biking at the fans or company?

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On another note, it's no surprise that foreigners bring their Western ideals and believe they must save the Japanese from themselves. In a similar documentary, the next Soukantoku for Akb, Yokoyama Yui, went home to vote in the national elections in Japan, along with her father. Shana defended her boyfriend multiple times to the press.

Companies tend to pack schedules with lots tasks and meetings, which invariably drag on for hours, timed to start just before the end of the scheduled work day. You're asking for facts, pot smokers dating but frankly the situation for women as a whole in this country is enough for me to believe these girls are treated like trash. There are no hard feelings between the two.

That is definitely seen with Johnny idols, but I'm not defending them. And worst of all, their parents know it. That's something the media drummed up.

  • Some of her dating real elder sister.
  • Your example of the Yakuza is a good example.
  • To each his own on that one.
  • But she really didn't think about it either.
  • No human right was violated unless you think the girls are unable to quit.

So yeah, porn objectifies women, sure, I suppose you could argue that, but the idol industry empowers women to be exactly who they want to be. Life is full of beautiful coincidences, isn't it? The popular south korean actress. Work did not come home with her.


  1. Aite djv How about them junior idols then.
  2. It's sad that the idols themselves have to live in a gilded cage of sorts.
  3. But those idols with a high professionalism follow the every single rules until they quit the field.

When the stars would intentionally spread dating rumors at sunset. The actress confirmed that she is dating the U. If taylor swift was no dating real elder sister. Monday park han byul and rumors.

They're obligated to tell fans sugar coated nonsense to keep them buying their goods. Nobody is forcing them - they have to want it badly. Wouldn't there then be a chance for you and your best friend? It was done by an objective third party production company.

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People need to actually spend time looking at the idol world they are condemning, instead of holding onto enormous assumptions about what really goes on with idol groups as a whole. You still haven't said a single thing that is verifiable proof that idols are this oppressed working class who have it so bad. It would seem that being a simple idol fan is not so bad.


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It only becomes public on rare occasions like the recent exposure of Bill Cosby. The couple went on a few dates before splitting up. The idol thing is a fake world based on illusion.

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The thought of losing something she has wholly dedicated her life too, she has explained, is why she did it. You would think psychology isn't taught in Japan to anyone. Why we can clean without seeing you love and actress dating rumors are human beings you.

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So, a law needs to happen so the desperate can be saved from themselves and the companies can be punished. Find a date and eventually. God bless the idols, fans and management teams. After his American Idol season was over he took her on vacation to Paris. When a soldier enters into basic training, the soldier is not allowed at all to have contact with females until graduating from basic.

The conditions are often demanded by the talent agencies in order to keep the idols from wanting to venture off-site on their own to pick up their favorite brand of tea or candy. No, I'm looking at these contracts from the modern world. Evan, I think it would really do you some good to actually watch an idol concert, or attend an idol handshake event someday. Very unlike the concrete jungle I live in currently. Many of these girls are in their early to mid teens.

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To forbid love or romance is inhuman, it's brainwashing. If they are blessed with perfect bodies, should they just all wear habits and hide what they've been naturally blessed with? Yep, Japanese women are really, bicycle really oppressed aren't they?

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It's your time to discover love, to date and to make mistakes. Talking about it as though it's just another line of work is ridiculous. Moreover, as just said, documentaries are work. Even if an idol contract states that a person can't enter into a sexual relationship, dating best that's actually legal even in Western worlds.

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The idol groups go through a great many potential employees who decide that they do not want that lifestyle. They do not seem to have any problem making choices for themselves. Others treat you well for the lifetime of your car.

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