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These, together with other dated examples I have seen and original catalogues have enabled me to considerably flesh out some of the previously published facts. To work on the grit lodged in the grooves I use a bristled tooth brush. This merger was formed in order to create co-operation between the various companies. The Second World War was a difficult period for the company because the whole of industry in Great Britain was turned over to the production of armaments and the war effort.

English Estate Comoy s Pipes

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There was some light cake in the bowl and the finish was dull. Interestingly, taking a picture of the two dents afterwards, what emerged is a roughness caused by the heat. Judging from the condition when we got it, I am sure that it will be an amazing smoker.

Comoy s Pebble Grain (337)

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There was a thick coat of lava on the rim and on the beveled inner edge. At this point, this is highly speculative, as my sample size is too small to verify it. To remedy this, I fit a drill bit just larger than the airway diameter and heat the tenon with a Bic lighter.

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Yet, as the close-up picture reveals, there are small air pocket holes in the fills and gaping around the fills. Hard to believe it has been two weeks since Masonic Week, but time flies. Both bowls are looking quite good at this point. Does anyone have any info on what differentiates the two? When I saw this pipe on the eBay auction block, I wanted it!

After I mix J-B Weld components in equal parts, I apply a small amount on the floor of the chamber and spread it with a dental spatula and my finger. After a thorough application, dating sites in I flame the stummel with a lit candle and the alcohol-based aniline dye combusts and sets the dye in the grain. Underneath it read England.

After opening the wrappings in the well packed box I found the two pipes. The vanilla scent while you are hit with the tasteful notes of the tobacco is extremely pleasing to yourself and everyone around you. It was the stem for the newer shape pipe. The stingers were also made slightly different after the war.

However, I have found that using the felt buffing wheel lightens the entire stummel. He scrubbed out the internals with alcohol, pipe cleaners and cotton swabs until the pipe was clean. Alberto's pipes have earned him great respect among smokers in the last few years, and his honor was greeted with resounding affirmation from those in attendance. The Weld filled the cracks and reinforced the area. Henri set up a small factory in Seven Dials, which is today known as Cambridge Circus.

Reclaiming old and worn estate pipes

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Then I use a cotton ball to create a wick by stretching and twisting it. The Balm starts off more liquidy then firms up into a wax-like substance that continues to be supple. In the company merged with the macro-concern, Oppenheimer Pipes. There will be thousands of pipes as well as great quantities of pipe-related items tobacco, literature, etc. To the right of that it has U.

The many repairs done to the stummel surface came out well, though the two large fills are still evident, but not as overt. The pictures show what I see before and after heating. With the stem now fitting snuggly, I continue to apply Blue Diamond to the stummel and stem. It had a badly oxidized stem with tooth marks and chatter on the top and underside near the button.


Comoys pipe dating

Dating Hints There are a few things that allow the Comoy collector to get an idea of the vintage of a particular piece. There are a few things that allow the Comoy collector to get an idea of the vintage of a particular piece. Jaques Cole kindly let me copy his beautifully illustrated catalogue, datedwhich is almost certainly the first one produced by Comoy.

However, the names are not reliable guides to dating unless associated with other factors. Dating the Comoy pipe therefore is far more difficult. To remedy this, I take a drill bit the next size larger than will fit through the tenon airway. The first is dated from the early post war era to about the late seventies. And, as always, best dating website in thailand I will send a complimentary copy of our.

The upper chamber shows some heating issues with small, more normal chamber wear. There were tooth marks and chatter visible on both sides of the stem at the button. This promises to be a really exciting event, and we'd like as many people as possible to make plans to be there. It is interesting to compare the change in stem buttons that occurred between and the early s.

Comoy s Tradition Pipes

The pipe polished up really well. Please bookmark it as things will be updated regularly. The finish looks very good with the combined dark and medium brown stain on the bowl and rim.

To erase this small divot, I introduce a very gentle inner bevel to the rim using grade paper rolled. It is advertised to continue the raising process of oxidation. After some time, the salt and the wick were soiled. As more or better info becomes available, I will edit this post, and please, dating quotes if you note anything incorrect contact me so I can make the necessary changes. Jennifer consented to write a short tribute to her Dad for the blog.

When I received the pipe I took the following photos of it to give you the big picture of this tiny pipe. It is a bit smaller sized than the previous pipe but also has stunning Blue Riband grain. The pipe was dusty but the finish looked like it was rich and would clean up well.

This ritual is not quite skeletal. However, there are certain changes of nomenclature that occurred over the long history that assist in arriving at approximate time scales. The working plan is to touch up areas that are worn more and exposed briar is showing.

  • When it arrived several of the pipes were unsmoked and in excellent condition.
  • There is meat on the bone and marrow within.
  • German Masonry of this period was reserved to the titled and influential.
  • There was also tobacco debris in the bowl and stuck in the lava on the rim top.
  • We already have lots of tobacco and other stuff pledged for the raffle, but.

The stem was quite clean with some tooth marks and chatter on the top and underside near the button. After a few minutes, I apply the dye again and flame again to make sure there is an even coverage. The briar is spectacular with its diversion of colors and swirls of grain. The process of blasting is different from rustification.

  1. Exercise caution while operating a motor vehicle.
  2. Before being brought to light, the candidate takes a certain libation to simulate the bitterness of life.
  3. In presenting the work to the Fellows assembled, R.
  4. There were no hallmarks on the silver so I could not use those to help date the pipe.
  5. With the speed set at the lowest for the Dremel, I apply the compound to the stem to bring out the gloss.
  6. More importantly, we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Using a folded over pipe cleaner, I apply the dye to the stummel. Turning now to the internals of the bowl, I use cotton buds and pipe cleaners with alcohol to clean. Pipes can also be found with the name stamped across the top of the stem as apposed to along the side.

Can we date Comoy pipes reliably

It did not take too much sanding and it looked as good as new. You are a Companion of the Graal, a Magus of Light and now receive the first instructions concerning the true purpose of the Rosicrucian and mystic symbols and hieroglyphics. The finish was clean and the pipe needed to be polished. The surface is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

Would like to keep the original patina on the outside wood if possible. It is also a beautiful pipe underneath all of the grime. You don't have to be present at the raffle, but you have to buy your tickets at the show. Again, I use an accelerator to solidify the glue. In the meantime I asked her to also send me an email with a brief tribute that I can use until then.

Comoy s pipes

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Comoy s Pipes
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