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  1. New colonists in America brought their English furniture traditions with them and tried to translate these styles using native woods.
  2. When thinking of the general term, think of a cluttered environment, full of heavy furniture, and surrounded by plants, heavy fabrics and lots of china and glassware.
  3. Legs and chair backs are straighter, often with incised decoration.

They are the sideboard and the worktable. If the piece of furniture is dirty or encrusted with wax, clean it first with a mixture of denatured alcohol, white vinegar, and kerosene, in equal parts. Rejecting Modernism, it sought to express the democratic spirit of the age, replacing Modernist values with its own aspirations of fun, change, variety, irreverence, and disposability. The upholstery of this period matched the ornate stylings of the wood, with needlepoint and tapestry adorning many of the most intricate pieces. Honing your wood identification skills can really pay off in this area.

The Victorian period, named after England's Queen Victoria, served as a very sharp contrast to the Shaker period. It emphasized the purity of geometric form and marked a return to the representation of recognizable objects. Generally only the finest fabrics were used for the upholstery and were rich and strong in colour although in later years they became more subtle. Ashbee and others, dating when which sought to revive the importance of craftsmanship in a time of increasing mechanization and mass production. The Chippendale and Heplewhite styles were also very popular.

Claw and ball feet become even larger and more decorative. Original labels bearing these names are sometimes found on furniture pieces from this period, giving further provenance. Biedermeier A style of decorative arts popular in Germany and Austria in the s to s. Leading exponents of the style were Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely. The motifs used for inlay included bellflowers, urns, festoons, acanthus leaves and pilasters, asian lady dating to name but a few.

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How to Identify Antique Japanese Figurines

A primer on furniture styles

Moving into the s, read the hookup maple and cherry showed up in fine furniture manufacture quite often. They aimed to break down the divisions between architecture and the fine and decorative arts. The first screws were crafted in the s by blacksmiths using square nail stock that was heated and pounded until it was somewhat round.

  • Iron began to make its appearance in the early Victorian age, particularly in bedroom furniture.
  • Because the architectural style of the Empire period used big, open rooms, the sofa was now allowed to be in the center of the room, with a table behind it.
  • Early pieces have cabriole legs with ball and class feet which have been referred to as French inspiration with English sturdiness.
  • Japanned decoration tends to be in red, green and gilt, often on a blue-green field.

Art periods although along similar lines are generally historical or literary periods and rarely define a time when specific antiques were produced. When trying to identify antique furniture, dedicated antique hunters search for beautifully preserved pieces, armed with pins, magnifying glasses, spirit levels and all sorts of testing equipment. Looking at the joinery, or the way a piece of antique furniture is put together, will provide many clues that help in determining the age.

Sheraton, The style known as Sheraton closely resembles Federal. The highly accomplished metal work and the pottery are distinctive for their stylised, speed dating near bedford curvilinear surface decoration. It was originally published in London. The use of bolster pillows and more upholstery is starting to emerge.

The Modern and Post-Modern periods were a stark departure from the English and French influence and the periods of the past centuries. The Traditional Revival period marked a revival of earlier periods, primarily the Colonial and Federal periods, brought back by popular demand. This style of furniture was not warmly embraced, as the sweeping lines were not very conducive to mass production. The Gothic Revival, This is relatively easy to identify for collectors. The French held it in higher esteem.

But there are a number of other factors to consider as well, including the tools that were used to craft a piece and what the individual components look like. The Empire Classical period influence is felt, but French Restoration lacks some of the ornamentation and fussiness of that period. The few manufacturers that did interpret it for their factories found interest to be slight in America. Upholstery of this period is often tufted, eliminating any large flat surface.

Tips for Dating Old Pieces Made in America

The Chrysler Building in New York City remains among the finest example of Art Deco architecture and those same straight lines and gentle curves are found in furniture. Straight saw marks also indicate an old piece. Influenced by Modernists in Germany and France it sought to make the most economic use of materials and space. By adding flowers, either carved or painted, the furniture pieces of this era had a softness to them. The Shaker period was named after a religious movement of the period, and the furniture influence was simple and utilitarian.

Turnings are baluster-shaped and the use of C-scrolls was quite common. Other dark woods were featured, often to contrast the lighter ornaments. Chippendale was influenced by ancient cultures, such as the Romans, and Gothic influences. It is distinctive for its simple geometric forms, subdued colours and restrained decoration.

Antique Periods
12 Periods of American Furniture
Identifying Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture Identification

As a result the name became associated with a kind of romantic escapism. New technology advancements allowed more machined parts to be generated. The finish on the wood can also date the piece. When a piece of furniture is made in England, or styled after an English example, it may be known as Hepplewhite.

The American Empire period took more influence from the French than the English, with a greater emphasis on curved arms, cabriole legs, and ornate, paw or claw feet. Dovetail joints were a hallmark of this period. Add us to your home screen for faster browsing!

Furniture that had mechanical parts was also embraced by the Victorians of this era. Pennsylvania cabinetmakers used Marlborough feet, while other regions favored ogee bracket feet. This can mean that they were handcrafted prior to or so. When lesser woods were used, they were often painted to reflect these more expensive woods.

Identifying Antique Furniture

How to Identify Antique Japanese Figurines

This style originated with the French, but was embraced by American furniture manufacturers. However, the clean Grecian lines of the Regency period were out of favour by when everyone wanted furniture that was showier with plenty of curves. As discussed above, this is especially evident on the back or underside of pieces made prior to the mids.

A glossary covering all the main antique periods movements and styles

Through a variety of patterns it exploits optical effects to create illusions of movement and vibration. Chair backs tend to be high and narrow, having a slight back tilt. It also makes use of the new machine-turned spools and spiral profiles that were fast becoming popular with furniture makers.

Several new forms of tables also came into being, especially the sofa table. The movement was to have a strong influence on groups within the Modern Movements, such as De Stiji and the Bauhaus. Futurism An Italian art movement founded in by the writer Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, which aimed to celebrate the machinery, speed and violence of the modern age. The appearance was primarily straight lines, woven or cane seat material, basic turned wooden knobs, and visible locking joinery.

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How to Determine the Age of Antique Furniture

Powered by Online Galleries. Prince George became Regent from - this was a period of classical furniture. The thick panels created were then steamed in molds to create the illusion of carving.

Furniture Periods & British Monarchs

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